Koioki is a team of innovative people who love putting timeless artwork on a variety of products. We are devoted and work tirelessly in order to bring elegance and current crisp artwork. Our passion for art is what motivates our imagination. Our products are uniquely designed to protect and adorn.

Our Story

Not long ago, the two founders of Koioki decided to start a new business that showed each individual’s talent. The founders love timeless artwork and love to produce their own unique designs. Both of the founders are artist and have a business background. They knew that by combining both of their knowledge and talent, they would be able to produce beautiful images on their product.

Our Purpose

Koioki is dedicated to bringing warmth to a cold product such as T-shirts, wood sunglasses and phones, and we showcase it in our wooden cases that protect your latest electronic toys. We are proud to be a company that works closely with our customers and we prove it by having people send us design ideas for their electronics. Devotion to our customers and our products is what fuels us and moves us to bring a variety of products to all.


Our inspiration stems from life itself not only does Koioki produce their own unique designs and artwork, but we also work closely with up and coming artists that are truly gifted and remain undiscovered. We relish in the idea that our customers may get artwork on their electronics from a soon to be famous artist.